Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hub Ground Stone Texture Progress

snapshot from the UV tile

view in maya

i feel that the grout width may be too wide, but i plan to fill that in with small and tiny stones to fill in those wide gaps.  also, i'm working on making it seamless as well.  this pattern will be repeated in the circle area of the hub.  the general look of the stone will be the same throughout the entire hub itself.  any feedback would be appreciated.  


  1. I like it! The texturing on it feels good. The only thing is it feels a little blue, especially around the edges. I'm not sure if that's a problem though, I'd get final advice from Calvin on it. Looking awesome! =D

  2. Yeah, I'd go with a narrower border too. Looks like it's tiling well though. As for the color, try to keep it a light/creamy brown... the lighting and sky would make any coolness in the floor stand out even more.

  3. Thank you guys for those comments! I'll get right on it.