Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hub scratch ideas...

So I was thinking about moving the weapon into the center, for simplicity and aesthetics. You could also justify a beam of light from above better that way.

That way, when the shadow is unleashed it can go directly out (as a smoke trail, shock wave, whatever) to the surrounding worlds.

Also, it might be cool to have a second floor or walkway that surrounds the main area. I noticed in most cathedrals/temples that the lower level is usually solid, and the windows- especially stained glass- is well above head height and out of reach... could also help a lot with the lighting.


Welcome the Boss Arena art page!

If you're looking at this page, that means you are either on the art team, or have an idea you'd like to share with us! Any and all feedback is welcome. The more feedback, the more polished and impressive the game will look.

To all concept artists, modelers, or design guys... please please PLEASE look at the style guide rules before you throw anything on. We want to shoot for a unified feel to the game. That doesn't mean don't post anything... just be sure that it all fits together. *reference pictures excluded; just be sure to add WHAT or WHY you think a part of it would be good to use.

ALSO!! Be DEAD SURE to label all your posts with:
A) your name - that way we can get a hold of you or see what (else) you are working on (Joe Bob).
B) what asset you are posting about (ex. Bruiser Boss, Desert Environment, etc).
C) either Reference or Work In Progress/WIP (to keep it more all organized- more or less).



Labels would be: AJ CREEK, SAPLING MINIONS, and WIP