These are the rules for the Boss Arena concept artists to follow... if there are any holes or things that need to be explained further, we'll add them in.

The main inspiration(s) for the feel of the game will be from Torchlight II and Wildstar. What follows is a breakdown of their design qualities, and ones that we should follow as well. This should make it helpful for the modelers and texture artists as well.

We will need to focus on the Silhouette, Shape, Texture, and Color for every asset, as well as an overall Layout for all the environments. But to begin, here are some ground rules:

So far, so good!

So let's start with Shape and Silhouette. We need to have all the environments and assets "read" from the instant the player sees them. The outlines should be strong, and focus on the most important thing (the MIT) about it. If, for example, a boss is supposed to be fast - it needs to be sleek, pointy/angular, and pretty thin. A strong/safe/sturdy asset should be short, stout, and fairly square.

When going into the individual asset design, make sure that any and all areas of interest should be fleshed out. IMPORTANT: If there are any areas of detail, just like the silhouette, they need to be emphasized and exaggerated. 
Here's an example of the overall goal for each asset. There needs to be enough information for the Modelers and Texture artists to use later on. If you don't have time to paint fantastic stuff, just attach some picture samples of the textures and say where they will go.

Here's some GREAT examples of how it all comes together in the environments.

 Make sure to include all extra assets in a layout drawing and where they would go!

Here's what a color script for Owned looked like... This should be included for all texture artists for EVERY asset and environment. Make sure that we work "Big to Small"... meaning that the smaller assets need to fit within the main environment color wise, and not the other way around.

Color Script info for Boss Arena areas will go here... Update pending...

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