Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boss Arena - Intro Cinematic (rough) -Jacob Eaton

I can time them out and put it in video form if needed as well. For time's sake, decided to post the images as is. Feedback/comments would be helpful.

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  1. This is looking excellent! As a heads up, everything up until he starts pulling out the weapon is actually player controlled, so that's not part of the cinematic. This looks good enough for us to go off of, thanks so much! So our current plans for the weapon/other things don't have much work for iconography. If you want to work on designing up any of that (just random ideas and such) feel free to do so (it makes the weapon/pedastel look a lot cooler). Also if you want to meet with each of the boss teams (probably starting with centipede) and get a storyboard for the intro to their boss, that'd be great. The boss intros should be short, simple, and to the point, but I think there's still some cool things we could do with them. Thanks so much!