Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Centipede Arena Size Comp.

I am currently working on the new model for the centipede boss arena.  However, before I get too far I'd like to get some feedback on size.  So I went ahead and used the old models to make a mock up of the size I am going to be aiming for (though the shape might be different).

The cylinder in the middle would be the character size while the horizontal cylinders should be around the centipede size.  This is just to give you an idea of the arena itself.  The health pots would now be much closer and easier to access as a player, and yet more dangerous to go after seeing as the centipede can now get near the walls (to potentially help make use of the program that allows it to sprout from the walls and give the player more to learn and adapt to during the boss fight).  

I believe a this size will make the boss fight more intense.  Though if we wanted to go a different direction and increase the size of the centipedes themselves we might want to make a larger arena instead.  Let me know so I can make the changes in the new model :)

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