Friday, February 21, 2014

Bruiser Boss- More Concepts

More ideas and brainstorm for this character. Throwing some ideas for his weak spots, attacks, and how he'd move. Feedback is appreciated and very much needed! Thanks!


  1. Abigail, this is looking great! The exploration into the root weak spots is very helpful. Would it be possible to get more exploration of the silhouette of the boss itself? A few concepts back you have the image with 9 different masks, and then a front and side silhouette of the boss. The bony structure of that silhouette seemed really cool ,as well as the sharp edges on the elbows from another concept. It'd be great to see the different silhouettes possible while still keeping to the designs we've gone forward with (I love the mask and spikes by the way!) Basically experiment with different ways of making it scary from a distance

  2. Also, we'll try and get some paint overs and notes back in an image as well for you. This is really great stuff though! Thanks for doing all this without a whole lot of direction. We're getting better, we swear!