Monday, February 3, 2014

Centipede Idea Vomit

So I just wanted to put up a couple of things floating around in my head about the centipede boss. First of all, I want to boss to give the heevy jeevies likes this video The control points need to look soft and squishy. Like the Centipede right after coming out the his last shell. The head needs to look nasty like something you should not go near. I also did a programmer art sketch. I know it isn't good but hopefully it is at least enough to spur some good ideas. On the top is the area in a dessert surrounded by rock walls. However, my vote for the arena is for it to be the sinkhole that Justin suggested. On the body is the centipede. I figured that since the bug will be in the dessert it should have a dark color to stand out. The blue lines will flash as if energy is flowing through them, hence the electric attacks.

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