Monday, August 25, 2014

The Arena

Ok so the textures should now be in the SVN update next time you do it.  I also went ahead and edited the terrain to fit with the model.

As I was testing the game, just so you are aware (in case you dont know) the health pots are broken.  The game crashes if you break one.  

Second, you can still jump anywhere pretty much, hence how I got up where I am in this screenshot.  We may need to play with some extra capsule colliders or something.  

On another note, standing up here and jumping down would be a pretty sweet entrance to the boss fight though.  

Also, there is some weird washout effect on the textures.  I checked the lighting and it doesnt appear to be whats causing the problem.  It must be some weird atmospheric thing that needs to be changed up.

I need somebody to check and see if the terrain and the textures were updated or not.  If they were not I will need help doing it.  Thanks!

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